August Weather

August weather is here. Kids are getting ready to go back to school.

It’s almost time to get the carpets cleaned again and get ready

to kiss summer goodbye. As I type this it’s August 22, 2016

and it’s so nice to feel some of that cool weather coming back.

Nothing like the smell and color of fall with the cooler days

and cool nights.

We have had an incredible summer so nobody can complain.

Fall Waterfront North Bay
Fall Waterfront North Bay

Finally Rain!

Wow – incredible summer alert.

Today August 12, 2016 – we finally get some well deserved rain.

It’s been one of the best summers in history in North Bay ON.

Here’s hoping August will continue with beautiful days.

Summer fun days
In the heat of summer.

Incredible week ahead

Hey there,

Well North Bay is expecting another excellent week

of weather. We have had such a perfect summer so far.

Lake Nipissing in North Bay Ontario
Lake Nipissing in North Bay Ontario

Bring on another fun week in the sun.

Winters are long, cold and lots of snow so enjoy

this while you can.…

It is HOT!

North Bay and July in particular has had some of the hottest weather this

summer. Past summers have not been as nice as this one.

We are having incredibly hot weather with very little rain

and loving every minute of it.

Come on August, we want more of the same.


Civic Long Weekend

North Bay – it’s a happening place this weekend.

Summer in the Park festival has been awesome.

Great bands, awesome food, incredible entertainment.

Thank you to all the volunteers who pull this massive

event off. Well done again.


Summer in the Park

It’s Thursday and Summer in the Park in North Bay starts tomorrow.

Lots of excitement. A great lineup of bands coming in to play.

Can’t wait –

Talk soon.…

Summer in the Park

Hey everyone . . .

Well this August Civic long weekend is North Bay’s Summer in the Park event

where thousands flock to the waterfront to enjoy music, food and laughter.

This event has some incredible bands this year.

Stay tuned for some updates as the weekend grows closer.

North Bay Summer in the Park
North Bay Summer in the Park

Carousel at the Waterfront in North Bay

Here is a picture of the Carousel at the North Bay Waterfront

If your young at heart you will want to go and ride it.

Such a relaxing way to spend some time.

There is also a small kids train ride in the same location.

Come check it out.

There’s even plenty of parking so you won’t have

to be worried about being towed away.

And don’t forget while your down at the waterfront check out

the restaurant on the Old Chief Commanda –

They have excellent fish and chips there.

Carousel at North Bay Waterfront
Carousel at North Bay Waterfront

Construction update

construction update:

There is a new Hotel being built beside North Bay’s Waterfront and they are in the beginning stages of construction. I will keep taking photo’s of the progress and post them here so you can see it develop.

I am not sure which Hotel chain it is as they have discussed a few names but once I can confirm I will post.

There is rumours that a Starbucks will be part of this as well.


Newest North Bay Construction site of a Hotel beside the waterfront.
Newest North Bay Construction site of a Hotel beside the waterfront.

IMG_1441 IMG_1439 IMG_1440

North Bay Waterfront

The Goulet Golden Mile – A portion of Memorial Drive has been called the Goulet Golden Mile after Bruce Goulet who had a vision for North Bay’s Waterfront. Back in 1969 he had started asking questions of city council because the area was very dirty and it had such great potential

Today … it is spectacular waterfront oasis with lots of plants and flowers and benches for all to sit and admire the sunsets. There is the “old Chief Comanda” which has been converted into a restaurant. A carousel for the kids as well as a small train ride for the young children.

North Bay Waterfront
North Bay Waterfront